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Platinum Inner Circle provides you more closer access to Jimmy and his team. This membership is for Practitioners who want to learn how to build a Rockstar Team that can help you achieve time and financial freedom.

What's included

  • Private Discussion Group

    Access to our private Inner Circle FB group for 6 months (expires 7/7/23) = where you can ask any questions about your clinic, marketing, operations, finance, expansion, wealth, etc.

  • 1x per Month Q&A

    1x/mo we have a Live Zoom Q&A Session, where you can get answers, feedback & Action steps that you can apply to your practice immediately, submit your stats and Jimmy will do a Stats Analysis. The Q&A Sessions are recorded and you can re-watch the sessions as many times are you want (access expires: 7/7/23).

  • 75% off Achieve University

    Your membership includes 75% off ALL courses on Achieve University (expires 7/7/23)

  • 1x per Week ROLE PLAY

    1x/wk Role Play with Jimmy & Team Achieve's Top Performers. Iron out your communication with patients, so that become a master communicator. You get 6 months Access to all Role Play Recordings, including Bonus Recording of past Role Plays (expires 7/7/23)

  • Achieve Practice Success Mentorship

    Access to the Practice Success Community FB group, where there is a Weekly Webinar Training by successful practitioners with various backgrounds and types of practice. (starts in Feb 2023, exact date TBD)Access to the Practice Success Community FB group, where there is a Weekly Webinar Training by successful practitioners with various backgrounds and types of practice. (starts in Feb 2023, exact date TBD)

  • Team Achieve Morning Success Meeting

    Attend Team Achieve's Morning Success Meeting which includes: Morning Role Play and Team Success Huddle that motivates, inspires, aligns Jimmy's team and get them ready and pumped for the day (access expires 7/7/23)

  • 1x per week Acupuncturist Training

    Attend Team Achieve's weekly training for our acupuncturist lead by Jimmy or our Senior Acu, where we train over communication, treatment strategies and anything that increases results and retention. (access expires 7/7/23)

Membership Dates

Monthly Q&A Sessions

TIME = to be determined
DATES = to be determined

Weekly ROLE PLAY Sessions

TIME = Fridays @ 1:30pm-2:30pm CST
DATES = Starts 1/20/23 > Ends 7/7/23

What is the APA Inner Circle?

This is a community of Holistic Healthcare Practitioners who are on a mission to help a shit ton of people and at the same time create Financial & Time Freedom for themselves and their family.  Members in this Inner Circle community get the closest access to Jimmy, Jessica and their team.

The Inner Circle Membership is for Holistic Healthcare Practitioners who …

  • Want to be a part of a Positive, Supportive, Honest, and Transparent community that is void of people who lie about their results and are constantly negative
  • Are Serious and Committed to Achieving Financial Freedom and Time Freedom for themselves and their family
  • Want to Automate their practice so that their practice is not Dependent on them to function and grow
  • Want Access to Jimmy, Jessica, and their Team to help troubleshoot any obstacles they are currently facing with their practice
  • Want to be connected with other Holistic Practitioners who are in the same boat and traveling towards the same direction: automation & freedom
  • want to be in a community where they can network with like-minded practitioners and have open and honest conversations
The Inner Circle Membership is NOT for Practitioners who …
  • are looking for the cheapest coaching & mentoring
  • bitch and complain about everything in their lives
  • blame everybody except themselves for their failures and never take responsibility
  • criticize others based on their emotions and not based on facts
  • wants others to do the work for them
  • take shortcuts to get ahead
  • steals other Acus systems and information
  • dishonest & non-transparent
  • selfish, self-centered, only cares about themselves and doesn’t really want to help people
  • want Work-Life Balance
  • want to help less patients 
  • please see the info above under the membership that you are enrolled in
  • this membership is NOT the same as our Mentorship programs, it’s completely separate, Mentorship programs can be purchased separately.
  • this membership does NOT include one-on-one coaching with Jimmy, that can be purchased separately
  • All of our Achieve Practice Automation systems (marketing, sales execution, retention, team building, expansion, finance) are NOT included in the Inner Circle Membership, but can be purchased separately
  • All of our Scripts, forms, templates are NOT included, but can be purchased separately
  • CPA and accounting services are NOT included, legally Jessica can NOT provide you accounting services as you are NOT her client.
  • Bookkeeping services are NOT included, however if you need help with bookkeeping, that can be purchased separately.
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